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To All New Students,
Your acceptance as the new student at the Indonesia Computer University is an appreciation of the seriousness of the competition and that you have passed the placement test. This stage is the starting gate that will later take you to the actual study phase that will start after you officially accepted by the University Senate.

Learning at the University of course different from when you were still in high school because currently you are required to be more independent and have critical thinking for the new sciences that will meet you at the lecture. Lecturers are guiding and directing you to the field of applied science, and the task you to explore the sciences through a deeper scientific references in the library, internet sites, journals, discussion groups and review the field.

As a University which is based on ICT (Information and Communication Technology), UNIKOM open the widest applications for the Civitas Academika and wider community to take advantage of open-content publication or open for scientific publications, proceeding, essay and thesis. Lectures on-line is part of the existing education system in UNIKOM, so you can use campus facilities to write server or blogging. Integrity and interoperability include e-academic, e-learning, e-career and others can you use during the study. You can also take advantage of Digital ProQuest Computing ProQuest Business Database and Digital Database is available free at the library UNIKOM. To explore the virtual world can take advantage of CyberNet Hot spot that are available on campus. UNIKOM as a place Competency Test of Telematics (TUK) also provide an opportunity for anyone to deepen their knowledge in the field of ICT.

All the facilities provided are part of the Vision, Mission and Goal of UNIKOM in building human resources whom already bring UNIKOM's name into the higher education through many of achievements which have been accomplished by UNIKOM's students.

Now is your opportunity to show the achievements of national and International level in higher education by studying in depth, determined, tenacious, never gave up and earnestly for the civil disciplinary field. Be proud of you family, community and nation in reaches Academic Achievement as high.

Welcome to the Campus UNIKOM, The Smart Community Campus of The Champions.
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