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Student Card
Student Identity Card (KTM) and Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) are two of many facilities provided by UNIKOM for students.
1. As a student’s identity card
trans It is used for all academic activities (library access, information system of students’ independent card, UTS, UAS, etc)
2. As a media of Tuition Fee Payment ( Auto debt Card )
trans The tuition fee, fees for academic practical activities, and all students’ needs can be deposited directly to their own accounts in any branch of BNI in Indonesia.For the auto debit study fees, at the due date payment, BNI will automatically approve the transaction from the students’ accounts to UNIKOM’s account.
3. As a Saving Account Card
trans It allows students to save or withdraw their savings through 588 BNI branches in Indonesia.
4. As an ATM card
trans It allows students to withdraw their saving through 1200 BNI ATM both in Bandung and other areas in Indonesia.
5. As a Discount Card
trans It allows students to have price cut in any outlets (shops, hotels, restaurants, recreational places, etc) that post the discount logo of Kartu Plus.
6. For Cellular Phone Bill Payment
trans It can be used to pay the bills of Telkomsel, Satelindo, etc.
7. As a credit card
trans Used for the payment of MasterCard or visa.
8. Pesona 25 Milyar
trans Students will automatically be included in the BNI Pesona 25 Milyar Lucky Draw.