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Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb.

Advancements in information technology based on computer have given convenience. But along with the convenience offered by the information technology, it also spawned a variety of new problems. Positive law in Indonesia hasn’t yet reach the issue, and there’s no set of rules has established to solve problems that posed by information technology. Therefore, the Faculty of Law provide course of principle and touched all aspects of computing and information technology as a compulsory subject in addition to other law expertise. So the graduates of the Faculty of Law will have skill and expert in the field of Information Technology and E-Commerce, and able to solve problem that associated with computerized system.

The purposes of this book are to provide information about Department of Law In Unikom, both the institutions, human resources, curriculum, or program in general. This book has included all courses taught, so the lecturers can customize the course of content or instructional materials as syllabus defined. Besides, students can prepare themselves in following the lectures, so that the learning process can run as expected.

Therefore, it is expected that the lecturers at the Faculty of Law continuously improve their quality and students are required to enforce discipline and deepening knowledge and constantly improve the experience.
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