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june 09, 2017
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM - Unikom students of Communication Program of year generation 2014 hold social activities "Bebenah Kampung" in the framework of Holy Month of Ramadhan and Pancasila week, held for two days on 3-4 June 2017 at RW 01, urban village of Pasirluyu, District of Regol, Bandung. The event titled "Ngahiji Sawargi Sawarna" with the tagline "because the differences and diversity make us more colorful", aims to invite all elements of society to come together to create  a sense of caring the environment without seeing the differences of social level, religious or other differences. As a committee, the Student of Communication Program of Unikom, year generation 2014 also raised funds for the procurement of the Wall Paints donated to the community in the region.

Presented in social service activities, Mojang West Java and Miss Indonesia Environment 2017 and Miss International 2017 - Kevin Liliana, Jajaka Gandes of Cimahi - Reza Imroni, the alumni representatives of Unikom Communication Science – Hilman Dwi Putra, S.I.Kom, and the Chairman of Student Association of Communication 2015 - Eda Ginandjar, who was visited the residential areas to socialize about the cleanliness of the environment, Mutual Cooperation and togetherness of a community. In addition, Sadaya of Unikom also comes to provide cultural entertainment to the community in the region.

The positive appreciation expressed by Kevin Liliana, "The government and the community should work together to take care of the environment and can’t stand alone to implement community welfare programs. We can do from the smallest things we begin to realize, such as reducing the use of plastics or providing food supplies to the schoolchildren using a more hygienic food container. But, I have seen the people here have started to open to live better by responding positively to the program from the students. I am very grateful to all the people who was attend and the committee of the Unikom Student of Communication Program year generation 2014 who has held this activity, Hopefully can continue to maintain the environment and can realize a healthy and prosperous society, "he explained.

Area RW 01, Kelurahan Pasirluyu, District Regol, Bandung is a densely populated area on the side of the River of Cikapundung inhabited by 400 Heads of Families and 1,017 inhabitants. Social category of society that is in the index of medium average down, of course very need support from outsider either morally or materially. Based on that, the Student of Unikom Communication Program generation 2014 chose the area as a place of social service, which is also the implementation Course of Social Development Communication taken by students in Unikom Communication Program.

After the handover of donations between the Committee and the Chairman of RW 01, the community started to paint the house entitled to get help. Through this activity expected to be the first step to be able to hold another positive agenda and become an example of activities that can followed by the students of Unikom and student from other campus in an effort to protecting the environment, community welfare, and Mutual Cooperation, as the original identity of Indonesian society.