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June 08, 2017
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM- The development of modern times like today, does not directly change the mindset among students who still think that English is an 'exclusive' language because is only used by certain groups to communicate. In fact, English is a simple language that has significance in the era of globalization, so it needs to be mastered by various circles, especially by students.

Base on that, the student activity units (UKM) of Unikom Youth English Society (YES) held "Gathering and Sharing" with the themed "English Ramadhan" as a discussion and participation activity to build Unikom become "World Class University", one of them is by instilling the english language culture in various academic activities in inside and outside the campus, without having to put aside local culture. "Besides wants to create the culture among students in Unikom, the event that was held in holy month of Ramadhan also use as a gathering event between student organizations in Unikom, So that the worship that is being done more qualified through positive activities," said Dicky as the Responsible Activity and the Chairman of Unikom YES.

The first event initiated by Education and Training Division of Unikom YES, held on Saturday (3/6) at 14.30 WIB at Unikom Dago 7 Room, and attended by ± 80 participants consisting of members of student organizations in the environment such as BEM, UKM, HIMA, And General students of Unikom. The main agenda of the activity is the exposure of material by Ahmad Fauzi Ma'luf (Student of Unikom Management Program and Member of Unikom YES), about "Self Confidence". In his presentation, Ahmad explains the importance of mastery of English especially today, because through English can increase confidence in various situations, such as when meeting with foreigners, during presentations, enter the world of work, etc.

The activity is more festive with the games and division of the group to conduct an English conversation with the theme "Activity during Ramadan". "...we divide it into 5 groups, where they communicate in English about what is commonly done during Ramadan and share stories with others," explained Dicky.

Potential enthusiasm can be seen from the spirit of the participants who follow the activity from beginning to end, as expressed by Irfan, one of the participants of "English Ramadhan" is also Vice Chairman of the Law Student Association. "This activity is very beneficial and give a lot of knowledge for the invitations that has been present and especially for me personally. This is very useful because the public speaking material given so inspired me to be more confident when doing communication in the community "he said. The same thing expressed by Agil as Minister of Home Affairs of Unikom BEM. "The event is good and interesting, I get a lot of knowledge, and very motivated to learn to use English in everyday life because English is an international language," he said.

Through this activity expected can open the minds of Unikom students that English is a simple language and can be learned by anyone, so they can implement in everyday life. "Think globally but act locally, we believe that someday UKM of Unikom YES can become the driving force of the use of English in every activity until it becomes a new culture in Unikom," Said Dicky.