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The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kemkominfo) has completed an evening event bestowal race INAICTA (Indonesia ICT Award) in 2015 to the creators and innovators in the field of informatics and communication technology (ICT) on Wednesday 9 September 2015. In a race that was held for the 9th time, INAICTA dividing 15 categories with two criteria for Professionals and Students. Of the 15 categories, there are 1145 registered by the work of the Industry, Professionals, Students, and Students with good quality work. The number of works that entered this year's race more than the number of works entered in the race in 2014, which only reached a total of 1007 works.

In the event which was opened by the Director General Application and Information Kemkominfo Heru Bambang Tjahjono, UNIKOM Team Successfully won 6 Victory Medal for the category: Category Applications Level Education, Category Tourism and Hospitality, the category of Education and Culture, the category of Health and Well-being, and the category of the Game. Later Team UNIKOM and a number of selected participants INAICTA 2015 will be included in the event the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA), and each team will be assisted to develop through technical assistance programs and startup incubator in Indonesia before set foot in APICTA later.

INAICTA UNIKOM victory in the race this year is the victory that to - 7 time, championships in 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and then, a variety of awards and medals of victory have also been achieved by UNIKOM. Where 2014 UNIKOM won awards and medals of the National Championship "Special Mention" with His work "Training Kit Iqra Braille For Visual Impairment", made by a student named Aditya Nugraha, Bonni Al Amin and Advisor Hidayat, S.Kom. In 2013 UNIKOM won First Winner in the category race Digital Interactive Media at Work "Applicability Hyjabs" which is the work of a team of students Codelabs UNIKOM maxan Juadha, Rizki Adam, Wulan Mubarak, Ahmad, Aldy Gina, Muhammad Nur and Advisor Adam M Bachtiar Kom., MT and Third Place for Applicative race category Robot to work "DRU 13 SAR" which is the work of the Student team Computer Engineering Study program including Giri Laya, Guna Erwin Setiawan, Anita Fitrizia and Advisor Dr. Yusrilla Kerlooza and Rodi Hartono.

For that UNIKOM Thankful for achievement and hard work of the entire team UNIKOM has added a long line of track record UNIKOM in the field of ICT, as well as UNIKOM as One of Best Universities in Indonesia which is also part of the World Class University (WCU), is determined to continue to give birth various other proud achievement through works of the nation of Indonesia represented by Students and Lecturers UNIKOM in the year and the future in order to represent Indonesia in the event of big competition at International Level.