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Boy Scout
UNIKOM’s Boy scout, known as RACANA CHANDRA KIRANA YUDHISTIRA, has philosophy “bhuwana samatha masihi” meaning awareness to environmental formation.

The purposes of the establishment of UNIKOM;s Boy scout are:
1. To create cadres who are capable of leading organization and surrounding societies
2. To create the environmental awareness
3. To emphasize the members to the society awareness
The activities:
1. Regular training
2. West Java Raimuna in 2002
3. Management Training for Ambalan Plan in Bandung
4. Seminar of Natural Disaster held by SAK unit 0923 Bandung
5. Participate in social services; helping the flood victims in Southern Bandung
6. Boyscout Charity in Dago in order to help the flood victims
7. Cooperation with UNIKOM’s Environment Student Association, Student Senate, and Student Associations
8. Assisting and cooperate with environmental UKM UNIKOM, student senate and also HIMA